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Twenty-six Tegretol of patients had a previous SRE, 15 of patients Tegretol PSA less than 10 ngmL, and 14 received chemotherapy within 6nbsp;weeks prior to randomization. Median age was 71 years Tegretol 86 of patients Tegretol White. In patients with bone metastasis due to other Tegretol tumors or lytic lesions due to multiple myeloma, Xgeva was noninferior to zoledronic acid in delaying the time to first SRE following randomization. Mortality was higher with Xgeva in a subgroup analysis of patients with multiple myeloma Tegretol ratio 95 CI of Tegretol. Patients enrolled in Trial 4 underwent CT or MRI assessment of giant cell tumor of bone at baseline and quarterly during Xgeva treatment.

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